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FM Gizmo


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What is FM Gizmo?

FMGizmo is an easy-to-use cloud-based system with a user friendly mobile App for the field team. It helps you in managing Field Marketing Activities efficiently.

All data captured by your field team is uploaded to the FMGizmo Cloud instantly. No hassles of paperwork, emails or messaging! FM Gizmo provides interactive dashboards and customised reports that make you shine in front of your Clients. Now, you and your Clients can not only monitor the activity real-time but also take corrective actions swiftly, this ensures your activity is always aligned with campaign objective.

Switch to FM Gizmo today and streamline your activity management process. Spend more time expanding your business rather than be consumed by administrative tasks.

FM Gizmo Mobile App


User friendly

Our easy to use mobile app ensures your field teams can effortlessly adapt to FM Gizmo  

Zero Paperwork

With cloud technology, every significant detail recorded in the mobile app is uploaded to our  reliable and secured cloud eliminating the need of paperwork.


Information collected on the FM Gizmo App is Timestamped and Geotagged

Collect, Analyze, Deliver

Collect your information in Real time, Evaluate field operations and Deliver better results

Mobile Verification

FM Gizmo offers verification of Mobile Numbers collected during the activity. This ensures authenticity of data and limits the need of data auditing


Data is collected and sent to the cloud in realtime. This ensures close monitoring of the activities undertaken.

The FM Gizmo Cloud


Interactive Dashboards

Wow your Clients by giving them Interactive Dashboards as per their needs!

Customizable Reports

FM Gizmo offers completely customizable reporting to meet your exact needs.

Realtime Data

FM Gizmo delivers data in realtime allowing you to give timely feedbacks to your team and take corrective decisions instantly.

Workflow Integration

Integrate your routine processes directly into FM Gizmo. FM Gizmo is equipped with workflows like Recce thru Implementation, Accept-Reject-Redo and many more.


With a well managed service platform, FM Gizmo is much more reliable and consistent than any in-house IT infrastructure. 


You can easily increase or decrease your cloud capacity according to your requirement. You only pay for what you need.

Convenient and Flexible, FMGizmo can be used by anyone, anywhere.

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Salient Features


Realtime Data

Easy to Use






How It Works?

A Simple 5 step process

Choose your activity

Retail Seeding, Rural Market Activations, Branding, Merchandizing, BTL, Haat etc.

Create your team

Create logins for your field team and their managers. Optionally you can also assign the route plan for your field team.

Customize the app to match your requirements

Choose what data is required to be collected and you are ready to start your activity.

Choose your dashboards

Choose from our predefined dashboards templates or tell us what you need and we'll create one for you.

Get set go

You are ready to start your activity and make your field activity management easier than ever


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About Us

Solutions that Work

Whether you are a start-up or an MNC, we believe in providing tailor made solutions that will give you a decisive edge over your competition

Experience Matters

With our entensive expertise in market research  and related mobility solutions, we offer you a platform that delivers


Cost Effective

FM Gizmo is a cost effective solution that also brings down your activity management overheads considerably


Strong Support

Our dedicated support team ensures your field team can reach out to us if they ever face any difficulties on field



So why wait, order FM Gizmo now and switch to working wisely!

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About FM Gizmo

FM Gizmo is a one stop field marketing solution.

FM Gizmo's customizability can help you fulfill all your field activity needs.

Order FM Gizmo now and Switch to working wisely.

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